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Drama Korea, Fantasy, Romance

Sinopsis Goblin (Drama Korea 2016) Episode 4

Thunder claps and lightning strikes, as Eun-tak points at the sword embedded in the goblin’s heart. She admits that she’s seen it from the start and asks, “What am I now? Am I still not the gobin’s bride?”

Shin stares at her in wonder for a long beat and says, “I think you are.” She can’t help but smile, not really understanding what it means to be the goblin’s bride, and asks cheerily if she’s become useful now, and if this means that Shin won’t leave. He says he won’t leave for the time being… “Because I might have to prepare to go someplace farther away,” he finishes. Nooo, not the death talk already!

Shin asks why she didn’t mention the sword before if she really saw it the whole time (yes, suspicious that), but Eun-tak says she was trying to be polite at first, and then got scared about the consequences later. “What if you ask me to get married right away? What about college? Do I become a goblin?” she asks.

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Information Description
Title Goblin (Drama Korea 2016) Episode 4
Realese Date Saturday 10 December 2016
Stars Gong Yoo as Kim Shin Lee Dong Wook as Wang Yeo Kwak Dong Yun as Wang Yeo (Young) Kim Go Eun as Ji Eun Tak Yoo In Na as Kim Sun / Sunny
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Rating N/A

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